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Prince Mohamed Aly wrote in his book, Breeding Pure Bred Arab Horses“ Vol. II (1936):
As I am talking of horses I would also like to mention some Bedouin tribesmen of Egypt who have done so much for racing and hawking. They are the Tahawia from the district of Salhia, on the border of the Suez Canal. The Chiefs soft this tribe are real gentlemen, fine fellows, good characters and great sportsmen. They love horses and they own some magnificent specimens. They keep up hawking and hunting the gazelle with their horses. They train their horses for racing and very often win on the racecourses of Alexandria and Cairo. I feel owe these few words of praise to these people, for those who love horses and sport must appreciate all they are doing to keep up the qualities and reputation of the Arab and Bedouin horses.“
Text written by Andrea Kaiser

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