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Royal Badrama

Royal Badrama (*Badr x Fazida) Bred by Almaz Aseel Arabians

We brought Badrama, her best friend Imdals Kiss and Royal Faaiq from William Jacksons breeding program in MS in the fall of 2018

Badrama is *Badr's only known living SE daughter.  We owned her full sister Princess Badrette and she did get pregnant but lost the foal on delivery.  She died the following year after years of severe Cushings.  Badrama did have a colt in 2020 to carry on her strain and *Badrs line.  She is in strain to the Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah mare of the Tahawi.   We have 3 other mares here of this strain.   Badrama is unable to conceive again.  

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