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Kismets Badr "Moonshine"

Tammens Kismet (by Tammen) X Royal Badrama (by *Badr) Foaled 4/2020 Sameh sire line and a saqlawiyah jidrani Code red preservation colt to the Tahawi Foundation Mare Bint Barakat.

Born on our farm the night of the Super Pink Moon this foal has been long awaited. He is a Tammen and *Badr grandson.  Badr means Full Moon in Arabic...what are the odds!  "Moonshine" is his barn name.   

This Stallion like his Uncle Royal Faaiq are both Tail Femail to the Code Red preservation mare Bint Barakat through the imported mare *Fayza and both have 6.2% Tahawi blood higher than any other horse outside of his dam Royal Badrama (Faaiq's maternal half sister) in North America. There are only a handful of these Bint Barakat horses left and although we need a daughter to pass on this strain, a live foal from this mare is equally important. Royal Badrama's full sister Princess Badrette left behind a colt by Tammens Kismet in 2005 (Prince Badr Tammen) that was never found.  Super proud of this mare for doing this for in her old age, but unfortunately Royal Badrama was unable to conceive again for a filly.  Kismets Badr had his first foal in February 2024 with EB Marisha.  Royal Kismets Khallawi is perfect.    His breeding fee is 1,000. He is live cover only 

*Badr was imported with 13 other horses from Hamdan in the 1980s. The vast majority of those horses were Tahawi horses. *Fayza was one of those Tahawi mares imported at that time.  Kismets Badr is the last remaining progeny (AK/SE) for *Badr and both him and His uncle Royal Faaiq soley carry on for *Fayza. They also are the last AK SE progeny of the imported stallion *Ramses Hameedo.  

*Badr was shown to 2 National Titles in 2 disciplines in the same year.  He was shown often and won often under Tom McNair and Buck Grass. 

Reference Photos:      

*Badr ( Ikhnatoon x Sameha) won English Pleasure Championship with Tom Mcnair 1991 Egyptian Event. Photo

Black and White *Ramses Hameedo

Tom Mcnair on *Badr ( Ikhnatoon x Sameeha ) Rita Mcnair on Kuhaylan Medeen ( Shaikh Al Badi x Aleeyah  Javan Photo

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