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Kismets Aatif "Curly"

(Tammens Kismet x EB Araceli )

Born January 2024  

This colt is going to be a big boy.  He is gorgeous and has a personality that will melt your heart, hence the name Aatif which means affectionate. He is full brother to Kismets Amir who was very easily trained under saddle as a stallion.   Since he is related to everyone here, he will be available.   He is likely Tammens Kismets last colt.  We are currently asking 5k 

He carries double *Sakr, double the Gleannloch bred *Morafic daughter Salmah, double Tammen and double Talgana.  This matchup has been golden for His dam, EB Araceli and for her Mother EB Scarlet Rose with Tammens Kismet.   

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