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In  2014 I obtained my first two Egyptians mares and within the pedigree of the 8 month old filly was a bloodline to the Tahawi mare Folla which I would soon realize to be unique and rare. 

Upon much research I realized that the Tahawi foundation mares Bint Barakat, Futna and Folla had sparse progeny in North America.  That research took me to mares all over the US and Canada that were aging and not being  bred forward.  During my research I found that the Legendary trainer, Tom McNair had bred his stallions Tammen and son Tammens Kismet to a few Tahawi mares.  I was told he was passionate about these Tahawi horses as well.  I was afforded the opportunity to bring Tammens Kismet from Texas to Maine as a 20 year old stallion.  Kismet was stated to be the "culmination of Tom's breeding and showing career".  We moved fast and bought a 27 acre farm to start our program.   

I notified owners who I could find about the rarity of their mares and brought some to our farm to be bred to Tammens Kismet.     In 2018 we obtained the Tahawi Stallion Royal Faaiq to cross on our Tammens Kismets daughters.  Tammens Kismet foals are named with "Kismets" and Royal Faaiqs foals will begin with "Royal".   This is how we came to be Royal Kismet Arabians.   


Every foal produced are considered priceless jewels therefore great care is taken about whom they are sold to.  We offer our colts starting at 5k. They are beautiful, friendly, easy to work with and train.  They have been handled extensively from day one and trained on the basics of good citizenship and partnering with humans.  

Royal Kismets Arabians is located in Norridgewock, Maine​.  We welcome visitors and the horses would love your attention.  

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