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Kismets Thabita (Tammens Kismet x LGR Anisah  )

Born April 13, 2024 Her name means "Unfailing". Her damline traces to Bint Barakat through Sameeha.  It was 3 of Sameeha's progeny that made it to the USA back in the 1980s. *Fayza and *Badr are represented here through 2 of our stallions, but it is this little lady that will carry on the Tahawi Bint Barakat Family strain through *Noor.  She is a  preservation Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah filly of the Tahawi where only 6 breed age mares exist.  2 cannot be found, 1 has repro issues.   Right now Thabita, her mother  and her sister Sameeha are our hope for the future of this whole strain.   

We are very excited to see her unfold.  

Kismets Thabita

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