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Kismets Pinot Noir 

Kismets Pinot Noir  "Peanut"  2019 Gelding

The spitting image of his sire.   He is very friendly, curious, and not afraid of much.   He is a brat, but he is my brat.  He took a bit and saddle for the first time like he was born with it.  His mother was a trusted and loyal partner in the mountains of Idaho for years until her broodmare retirement with us.  Peanut has loads of movement and we have high expectations for him under saddle.  His sire gave him more bone and refinement on top of what his dam already had to offer.  He is very smart with a mischievous and playful character.  He is very entertaining and a bit spoiled because He knows he's my favorite. But on top of all that He has been our go to for weaning his younger siblings to include a comfort to his orphaned sister at 3 months old.  He is great guy.  


 When I looked up red wine names to mirror his mothers name "Burgundy", I found "Pinot Noir is a thin wine and if it has flaws, they will be exposed. However, when winemakers nail Pinot Noir, some enthusiasts say it can be magical, transcending the best Cabs. There is a saying among serious collectors and that is: 'All roads lead to Burgundy,' says Christine Havens." and there you have it....that is how we got his name.



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