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Bint Barakat Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah)

Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah mare of the Tahawi. Bred by ABDUL HAMID RAGEH AL-TAHAWI

The majority of the progeny of Bint Barakat came from the import of *Noor  who currently only has a few breed age mares left.  *Fayza and *Badr were imported together in the 1980s however only our 2 stallions Royal Faaiq and Kismets Badr carry those lines.  

The Bint Barakat Progeny from our Farm:

Royal Faaiq

Kismets Badr

Kismets Sameeha

LGR Anisah

Royal Tahawi Halo

Royal Kismet Magnus

Royal Kismet "Curly"

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