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Kismets Amir

Sold to Kathy Lister in NY


Kismets Amir "Buddy" (Tammens Kismet x EB Araceli)


Born on his Sire's birthday 2/22/2019


Although full siblings, Buddy and his full sister Kismets Bella have many differences.  Bella more closely resembles her aunt/sister Kismets Rose, in fact almost identical.  Buddy and Bella do share the quiet loveable personality.  He carries double *Sakr, double the Gleannloch bred *Morafic daughter Salmah, double Tammen and double Talgana.  This matchup has been golden for His dam, EB Araceli and for her dam EB Scarlet Rose with Tammens Kismet.  Buddy is a preservation Kuhaylah Khallawiyah stallion through the imported mare *FAHDA EAO with a Sameh Sire line.  He is currently intact and will be used for show and breeding.  

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